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Content Management System (CMS) Soultions
CMS and Document Management

The ArrowClick Software Content Manangement System (CMS) provides the ability to easily manage the creation and distribution of your corporate communications online. ArrowClick is a full-featured system that supports communication processes: the ability to simply and safely update online content, and the efficient, automated management of presentation.

Add, modify, or delete content from your web site using a standard web browser. ArrowClick allows you to control the level of access that each user has, and enforces your content approval process even when many people are managing the web site. The dynamic structure helps maintain a consistent look and feel for your web site and notifies your managers of outdated content.

Document Managment Solution

Multiple Document Types

In addition to HTML and Plain Text, ArrowClick supports a growing number of file types including Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Abode PDF, and XML documents.
Automated Content Control

Automated Event Handling

ArrowClick allows you to associate any item of content with an event to change that content.
Multilingual Content Managment


ArrowClick systems handle multiple languages, even the complex multi-byte character sets of Japanese.


The ArrowClick system can hold a list of terms and definitions. The ArrowClick system links occurrences of this term in the text to the definition.
CMS Auditing


If you have stringent information security requirements, the ArrowClick system can provide an audit trail. An administrator may rollback any item to an earlier version on demand.

Access Management
Delegate and control the access of any content manager to a specific area of the system.

Update Notification
ArrowClick provides e-mail updates to content managers.

Alternate Presentations
ArrowClick allows managers to generate unique graphic templates to enhance different areas of content. For example, a "kids" section may require a special color scheme and layout to attract the younger audience.

Content Categorization & Sorting
As a database-driven system the ArrowClick, you can opt to sort items by virtually any field. Sort by creation or modification date, title, author, or even create a custom sort order.

Email Subscription
Users may subscribe to email notices that are sent when an item is updated.

Approval Processing
ArrowClick offers per-user control over the authority to author, publish, and remove content.

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CMS Case Study

Center for Health Improvement

The Center for Health Improvement uses ArrowClick Software to drive 3 unique public websites. A central administration area allows all authorized staff to create and distribute information, documents, and policies.

Much of the content, currently more than 6000 documents and links, is targeted to the general public. To increase the usefulness of the content to the layperson, Center for Health Improvement makes extensive use of the ArrowClick glossary function to clarify terms and terminology.